Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Imagine having it come across the news, that a 20yr old girl went missing from a Metallica concert just 25 minutes away from your house.

Her name was Morgan Dana Harrington.

Scary thought huh? Yes it was. Her photo streaming across every news media across the state, in newspapers, there wasn't anywhere you could go that the face of Morgan Harrington wasn't staring right back at you, a very pretty girl, blonde hair, blue eyes, daunting the same image of my own daughter before she colored her hair.

People searching and searching looking for some hint of her, everywhere, anywhere. Unfortunately she was one who wasn't found, not alive anyway, and it was an instant feeling of sadness, of horrible, horrible sadness, my heart went heavy for her family. I wanted to reach out to them so bad.

From the moment she went missing, people couldn't stop talking about her...wanting to know what happened, and being she was found on a farm nearly ten miles away from where she was last seen, the first thing, the very first thing that popped in people's minds, around here anyway was that it had to be a hunter.
No, no I wasn't buying this idea, not at all! Primarily because I do hunt, and even your most crooked hunters out there, would never put someone (had they killed them) out of the woods, they would take them deeper into the woods, a hunter finds some peace, some solace, some serenity, and seclusion away from, deeper within the woods, not out in a field, they instinctively know if a deer is an open target in a field they would be too.

She was found on January 26, 2010, and I really wanted to do what I could to do support them,  I wanted to reach my heart out to them, in some form, in some way, so I went online in search of a way to connect and offer my love, support, and prayers. And on January 27, 2010, I found online and registered myself to the site.

People were so welcoming, from the moment I registered it felt like home there. Little did I know so much would go wrong, so fast, within 2 months things would turn into such a chaotic mess, that the whole site would burst into a world of shinanigans.

I had attached to Dan and Gil Harrington, I was going to functions for Morgan, to the bridge where she was last seen, enjoying all their company, they really did make me feel welcomed into there family. I remember when I met Dan and Gil for the first time, I was so nervous, he shook my hand, and he hugged me, and I remember feeling like Wow! His handshake was gentle, but at the same time, when he shook my hand was determined to look me in the eye. I get bashful to look someone square in the eye, but he seemed unphased, instead, in his so gentle voice said thank you for coming. He treated me as if he had known me for years, and here I was just someone on his site. This would have been Morgan's 21st birthday.The next visit I would formerly meet Gil, and she too was just as welcoming and gracious, her voice was soft spoken, but she still did not turn away someone who merely had nothing more than poetry to offer for the loss of her daughter. She hugged me, it was tight grasped, she hugs like she means every ounce of it. Her hugs are no casual thing. That is a mothers hug. This would be a ceremony held on the first year anniversary, and to place a memorial plaque on the bridge she was taken from in Morgan's honor.

While I couldn't help but feel the skepticism of me, they still never once made me feel unincluded from events having to do with Morgan or in Morgans honor. Instead they worked graciously to understand me better, and be patient to my illnesses symptoms and the craziness that was happening on their FindMorgan site.

Let's move on to

There were so very many wonderful, smart, and just overall beautiful people involved in that site, these people daily offered, love, support, encouragement, good discussion, and at times good debateable discussion, there was never a dull day and you could feel the family atmosphere. And then all of a sudden things started to turn sour, when one poster, came along and began playing games with people. He sunk his hooks into so many people. He went on there I believe now with intentions to destroy people, I couldn't see that then and no one else was seeing it either. He pretended to have inside information because a guy went to him in confidence, this guy lived in our area, he brought the guy's name to me and asked me to locate him, I did so. And that got the ball rolling in a very bad direction. I wouldn't realize it because he was keeping me up all night almost everynight, just rambling along, I have illnesses that if this happens for a few days, it mentally will begin to take a pretty bad effect. He was well aware of my illnesses as was everyone that belonged to that site, I made it no secret whether people liked it or whether they did not.

He was one that would seriously panic someone, cause a panic within your personal life, and then usually when he was wrong or incorrect then he would brush it off like it was no big deal and we were still left panicked and it would take a couple days but we would be forgiving and continue on not realizing that he was doing damage. And he was doing this repeatedly so it wasn't like it once a tone time deal, it was over and over. We weren't the only ones he was doing this too. He psychologically?emotionally was burning people out, and what he couldn't do psychologically he would do verbally. He knew exactly what he was doing, I am only ashamed I realized this too late. He pitted people against eachother because he would twist and twist things until they made sense. He had so many bad mouthing eachother and when one had something over another that suited his needs, he would provide the other ones emails to them as back up to his twisted workings. What he was doing was downright cruel, and he knew it, but he didn't care. He would vicariously accuse people of hacking all the meanwhile between his job as a medical records analysist, he his FBI friends and his lawyer connections and yes even a coroner friend, was using them all to threaten people and even to the level of VSP, he was hacking just the same, if not worse. He was brewing quite the storm, but he was manipulative, he kept me not well, all the while sending me everything, I am a scan reader, he kept me not well, he had me feeling like family, and what I was thinking he was being a friend he was using me for and to stockpile information. He was using us all. I wouldn't realize this until after I was away from him long enough to rehabilitate, go back over about a quarter of what he sent me, and that was enough for me. He literally would attack people verbally, his worse victim being Dan Harrington himself, in public he speaks of Dan in support but behind the scenes, he was nothing but cruel, just downright evil. He had formed a " posse" against Blink on crime and he did all he could to destroy and pit each one of the moderators to the site one by one, he destroyed friendships...there wasn't a thing I could do, I could tell them, but he had already pounded into my head fairly early that I wouldn't be believed if I did try to say anything and therefore every post I tried to make with the slightest hint of what he was telling me, got brushed off, this confirmed for me what he was saying.
People were wondering why I couldn't just walk away from him? Because he had me believing I was family and that he was the only one there for me. The whole time I knew he was using Courntey Stuarts blog as his own personal playground, as well as bulldogs until he didn't agree with bulldogs point of views, and then he just diminished from his board heading to topix. People that challenged his ideas, his information, or his words, were only giving him reason to manipulate some more and twist things to suit, pull up his resources and hit from another angle, AICBond would be a prime example. AICBond was relentless to him, when he didn't agree with him, and publicly would detest him, he would threaten and threaten him, but not once had he followed through, he couldn't. However it was as if he couldn't beat him he would keep working until AICBond would give him just the slightest wiggle room. He was seriously operating by the idea that if he couldn't beat them he woud join them mentality. He is a man of many faces, toying with peoples emotions, making people feel comfortable and if he didn't succeed set out to ruin or threaten those that disagreed with him or pretty much attempted to cut him out of their life altogether. Those that had nothing to offer him, he had no use for they were trash to him. The one problem, was I held all the proof, he sent me everything, he felt it was protected with me, because I am mentally ill, no one would believe me if I tried to say anything. And it did indeed work. The FindMorgan site basically got obliterated because someone felt the need to ruin peoples lives. It was a good site, I was blamed for the site going down, by so many because of his manipulative tactics, I on top of not being well, had to endure the cruelty of that. Dan Harrington was very well aware I wasn't planning a lawsuit, Michael Sutton was. I had also endured a hospital stay for two weeks, my husband and our kids were held up in our house afraid for our safety, with unnecessary panic and phone calls to local police, VSP and including FBI. He distorted truths, twisted things into some huge panic and involved me and my family in the process which would take a horrible toll on me and our family was not the only ones impacted by his madness. He called medical records to attempt to get my records from a past stay I had at a hospital in Roanoke, he was using me to get them for him, he wanted something to use against Dan to file suit with on my behalf  with Dan so that legally he would be open to information regarding Morgans case, they way he had it mapped out it would have worked however, I never sent my records to him and I wasn't about too either. This is how cunning he is to manipulate people to get what he wants. He destroyed FindMorgan and everything and everyone within it. He caused distruction, distrust, misinformation, and disaster. He nearly caused a mentally ill person to kill themselves on a few occasions due to his manipulations and abuse. He used his connections, his job and used people against eachother to get information from or about Morgans case. He threatened people if they wouldnt provide for him. He hacked into peoples computers, accounts, sites, and likely obtained some medical records in the process to prey on the weaker people so he knew who to go to, who his abuse and control would work on. He does have lawyer friends he threatens to use against people, he has used people he once knew however famous, popular or important they might be to threaten or brag of his own personal worth, his name is not copyrighted it is not possible. He had FBI friends who very well obtained info for him and he has coroner friend that did the same. The FBI friend however helped set up his hacking system. While he was accusing Blink and her hats of hacking, he was doing the exact same thing to her, meanwhile being destructive to her site in the form of going to other sites and publicly building gangs against her, and then continue on to hack other sites as well, such as "The Hook", "Topix", "Bulldogpi", "Newsplex" and various others. He has caused so much distrust and pretty much destroyed her site and to me bragged about how he was capable of doing that..he often referred to "we" when it came to one of his sick accomplishments, or "we" when it came to investigating, I wasn't no investigator I was a follower, I wasn't well and I was following and blindly so.
He had the mind of a criminal. A very sick, twisted criminal, he knew exactly what he was doing. He purpsosefully hurt everyone on that site, he destroyed it on purpose, it was just another way to get back at Dan Harrington, because one of his posters accused his uncle of murder. And because he threw his threats around, threw a temper tantrum and shot off at the mouth, he got what he wanted. Now look at everyone, look at what he succeeded at. Look at what we all let him do. And look at what he continues to get away with. FindMorgan should have never shut down, he meant to do all this all along. We let him do this, he victimized us all, why should he be allowed to continue doing that to people? I have pressed charges on him, I did all I could do from my end, his name is on record here, VSP is highly aware of him but I couldn't do it alone. But I miss FindMorgan, I miss what used to be a family there. I miss what it was like BEFORE SJones. I wish we had it back, because now I see, how much of a plan this was for him the entire time. 5000+ emails and 15+ people as my proof that he victimized. Along with family and friends as witnesses.
No one deserved what he did. Not a single soul deserved it. He is dangerous, someone who has to hurt people like he has done, is as dangerous as a criminal to me. He has shown his true colors, and I'm not afraid of them. I refuse to be scared by him anymore.

The Harringtons will always as day 1 from have my support, my love, and my prayers.I will always hold them very close to my heart, I will protect them with the best of my ability, and I will always consider them nothing less than family to me. Dan and Gil, thank you so much for never giving up on me! Thank you for always having an open heart and an open mind, your devoted friendship to me had meant everything in the world to me. Thank you for your patience and love to me and my family and know we are forever grateful to have you in our lives! Thank you for holding strong for me when everyone else turned a blind eye to my voice and my proof. You are truly the most amazing people on this earth! We love you so much! Your support has been a very strong source in my rehabilitation enough to be able to finally see what he was doing, I hope someday others will see the same and take appropriate action to let him know, we aren't tolerating this from him anymore. And Dan thank you for your permission to post about the issues from, from my standpoint as I often wasn't sure if I should, or even would ever be able to come out with it after the damage he has done. I just can't be worried about him anymore, I am tired of wasting the energy being afraid of someone not worth worrying about at all.

Michael Sutton, you counted on having control, what you didn't count on is you getting caught. Consider yourself caught. What you have done had disgusted me, you hurt people, emotionally/mentally, you ruined peoples lives, you have broken up some very good friendships, you invaded peoples lives, their privacy, and you took your deceit and your manipulations to an equivalent to that of a sick criminal. You took your twisted distortions and you did more damage then you ever did good, you harmed innocent people and you interfered where you had no purpose too in Morgans Case, I hope they find you, they investigate you, they see the damage you have done and I hope you pay dearly for it. How dare you even call yourself a human being? You are nothing but evil in my mind, and in my heart. I hope people can see through all the hurt you have caused some day and restore some very valuable friendships lost due to your unnecessary harm. You are a predator of the worst kind. Dan, Gil, and Alex did not a thing to deserve this from you. What a horrible thing to do to an already hurting family. I hope every single person you have victimized will stand up against you and show you this is not acceptable. You are right, they won't believe my words alone, but they will have no choice but to believe your own.

Her Love Triumphs over all,
We will neVer forgeT her.

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