Sunday, January 29, 2012


Hmmm....well, Michael, we sure met again. You went to TheHook and posted, well good. However not so good that you decided to pick on yet another person reaching out to help in Morgan's case. Someone whom didn't nothing more and nothing less than take the facts as reported by VSP and media and Dan Harrington himself and went to work correlating and putting together facts. She did what you never stopped to think of doing. Her work was excellent by far, again you get jealous and feel the need to publicly question her and her work, doubt her as if you have a right too. Make her feel nervous, afraid to help, useless, worthless as if her work couldn't possibly be as good as yours. Not happenin! I am past the point of caring to be polite with you. Here or anywhere else. You are above no one! So  yes, I went to the hook, I expressed what she needed to know, I took chances to be crucified in the face of the public to let them know that they didn't need to be anymore afraid of you than I am. You think going on there and apologizing publicly to the both of us, just patches things up, undoes all the damage you have done to Dan and Gil and anyone that cared to help them and Morgan's case? Think again!

Michael, incase you haven't quite realized it yet, you won't fix this one. This one won't be repaired with "I'm sorry's" and " I love you's", or "please forgive me's"...It simply won't be fixed at all. Too much damage was done, your lies had lies. your hurts had hurts, and 10 gallons of chlorine wouldn't ever clean up the mess you caused.

There isn't anything you can say that would hurt, nor phase me. Take your empty threats and apologies, and go. We are done with you.

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