Saturday, February 2, 2013

I'm Comin For You!

I was looking through and going through a cabinet where I had all kinds of papers and documents stowed away in that just needed to be gone through. And wow! Sometimes you have just forgotten something that cut you to the core, and from years ago, that you just had a renewed fresh look at. My complaints against a local hospital was just that, and the responses, and all the processes I had gone through to try to get the help I needed with it. And I gotta tell you, with that fresh look, I found just how bad my own rights had been violated in many different ways regarding these matters, not only did I see where facts were not straight nor reported to be accurate as the events were reported and documented, in fact, each letter I have reports the past reports differently and inaccurate, you know what, I'm hereby tired of their games, I am in a place now where I can put my knowledge and experience and autority before those that did NOTHING to help me nor fix the situation. And I am going to do exactly that! I read back over these things and I'm floored, I'm just simply floored at what this hospital has been able to get away with, and for how long. I am very well capable of showing the proof I have, with the back ups of other physicians/hospitals, and I think I'm at a point where I'm going to do that. This facility refuses to work with the community, refuses to admit when they are wrong, refuses to take steps and measures to change their proceedures and overall has a "God" like complex about themselves that is disgusting and wrong. I'm fixin to change that, or run them the hell out of Augusta County. You just don't get beat up 3 times and Sexually Assaulted once in their facility and they not sooner or later have to accept personal responsibility for what they have done, I could have been satisfied with a sincere apology, which they've never done, or change of policy and procedures, which they've never done, or some sign or effort to make sure this doesn't happen again, however they have not done any of those above, they have had 6 years to do so. They better watch out, cause here I come, they will hear me now!