Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome 2013

Hello 2013,

Well, I thought of all kinds of good new years, I thought of staying off fb for a whole be around and with my family more, you know, just live life, the right way...and I thought of just staying positive, fixing finances, and keeping control of them...taking my dogs for walks and training them...not just half trained like they are now, so far they will only sit, stay and kiss, and then eat the treat. So I didn't get very far in the training, but I'm getting there. I kinda can't help it, they give me them puppy eyes and I just melt. Im done for.
But I thought of so many good things. And then some idiot goes and decides to get some public notoriety for working on some astrology with the massacres that have been happening, just a stupid, stupid thing to do.
Rule#1 of Astrology, YOU DO NOT USE IT FOR PREDICTION! See there is this little think called Karma, and it will snap a tude on ya in a heartbeat! And no less a guy who has 3 Elementary school kids was behind the actual astrology work, now here is the thing. Alone, by itself, in my awesome astrological comprehension of the matter :) was great work, I mean dude seriously seriously put alot of effort in there, alot of hard work. But he has to be careful, with astrology, if you don't be careful of what you are doing, it can form ideas for you. It is like one of them things they call when you start getting so disoriented in the desert that you actually start thinking you see water...what is it..hmmm..oh yeah a mirage I think...with astrology it can be like that. You are going along and you start thinking you are seeing what may not be there. Just cause it fits, don't mean it fits. You have to take breaks, you have to be careful not to fill in the extras. I know astrology, I can tell you by trait alone some things most wont pick up on.
Ex. hmm...who shall I pick on :) just for giggles....Joe Rader.
He retired on November 18, 2011. This from what he told me would be near or around his birthday. He is Scorpio. Watch out for them. Sensitive emotionally but the hard outter shell of the scorpio will never let you see it. When he means to come after you, he will, he will not stop until he gets you. Hmm...sounds familiar, haha.
Very good at law enforcement, extremely intellectual, highly protective of his family, does not mince words often. Sneaky, not too trusting. hmmm..yup..haha. Even if this was just his retiring date and not his birthdate, it still says alot about him. It is very close to a cusp, that means his positional sign closer to that cusp is at its strongest. What led him to retirement was at its peak. Highly strong focus on other goals. Very strong occurance for change. His sun sign was screaming change.
Now see, I know things. But I would never tell him these things. I also know things that led up too. Just things he don't need to know.
But this was prime example of just how much astrology plays into the lives of people. It is science, it is not ghost whispering, it is not reading horoscopes, though that too brings alot of perspective, I can tell him anything he wants to know regarding something, but I just don't want too.
Astrology, is not games, you have to respect it, if you are not prepared to play by the rules, you have no business messing with it.  And that is how I feel this guy did, the work was good, it was really good, but to use it to get publicity, just not a good idea. Karma is indeed linked to using it for prediction, you cannot use astrology to go back into a horrific event then turn around and use it to predict the next, Karma steps in and says, you do not belong here.
I think it disturbs me to see that, because I think of the people out there trying to help with the positivity astrology can make an impact into doing things like, helping Law Enforcement with cases, several time it has been proven to help, several reports of Law Enforcement requesting the assistance of psychics, and psychic mediums and such, and then you got hip hop happy jackass that comes along and destroys all of that. Not to mention provokes another possible attack, by taking it straight to a reporter, whom also decides to jump in on the action, and whalahh, now all of Giles County has closed their schools tomorrow because the police were alerted through this publication, and has had to take precaution of a potential attack. Great move..idiots.
Are they begging for another mass shooting? I don't get know it just now dawned on me, how I often do not understand the smaller things...but you give me some super complex astrological, physics, calculus, coded, patterned method and I'm good to go...hmmm.. go figure...yes,  I'm rambling, I'm quite tired. Anyway, damn it!!! As far as Joe Rader, dude I was so onto you..hahaha..nah, just kiddin..haha..

Well, New Year 2013, looks like its you and me kiddo, lets kick ass! I need a good year, last year sucked frankly and I'm so over it. I get so sick of this world sometimes. I get sick of the people in it alot of times too. But I'm done worrying about all that now. If I kicked all the asses I really wanted too, I'd be pretty damn exhausted just the same, so I guess that just means it wasn't worth it. I'm going into this one with a new attitude, keep my friends and family close, anyone else, dont even think about touching me, don't even think about messing with me at all. Its not a bad attitude, just not puttin up with jack shit this year. Im letting God take over this time.

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