Sunday, December 30, 2012

Thoughts of the Missing and Murdered

hmm..well, I have so many of them.

I look at my facebook and you almost cant see one day go by without atleast one post of a missing person.

Begging, pleading for their loved ones to come home safe, alerts from all around the country, I see them coming from practically every state. I'm reminded of Morgan again. I guess if I wasn't so involved in her case it might have been a bit easier to glance and scroll. But I just can't. Not since being involved in the Jennifer Short Case. My heart still aches for her and her family, after having talked to some family members of Jens case, Ive talked to FBI, Ive talked to Sheriffs, you name it Ive talked to them. While I'm pretty certain of what happened, my heart hurts that even the family knows now Jen, Mike, and Mary's killers will not be found. They literally are untraceable. I think knowing that makes me really fight twice as hard for Morgan, not just out of caring, but because I just don't wanna let him get away with this. Naturally the two have nothing in common besides being murder...two different areas of the state, with Jens case, it had proven to be alot of corruption going on, alot of investigational error, the family too pushed very hard for results just as the Harringtons have. I saw that slip away with Jens case, I still have friends from Jens case, and that was nearly 10 yrs ago. But I saw hope slip from their eyes, from their hearts, eventually with ever new police issued released asking for the publics help, I do not want to see this happen to the Harringtons. I know what happened to Jen, it will never make a difference, it breaks my heart. It really does. Bassett doesn't hold a killer like Charlottesville/Fairfax does. Two entirely different issues at hand. VSP didn't mess up Morgans case, it was handled with care, Jen's family didn't have that. Morgans family isn't dealing with a hit, this was far different, Morgans family deals with a predator. There is no other word for him/them...predators. Simple as that, calculated, premeditated, cold hearted, evil predator. Its not to say that someone who makes a hit on someone else's family is not a killer, but they aren't a predator with the goal in mind to plan their attack. One who makes a hit, just comes, kills all and goes. Morgans was so much more tormenting. Even less clues, and we already know he waits to strike another family/girl. Jens, you won't find him/them. Thats pretty much been determined, and in their families eyes, and unfortunately mine now as well, the way it will be. Its not just Morgan though,  its Sage, and Lauren, and Bethany, its all those Ive seen for the longest time, with just no answers. I want to blame the police, that's not working, I want to blame why people let this happen, that's not working, I want to blame myself, how come I couldn't help more? WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?? I suddenly see....nothing. I didn't do anything wrong, how can you do something wrong, when there is just nothing you can do to begin with??? You can't help, you can't not help. All we all can do is just keep on hoping, keep on praying, keep on keeping the faith that one time this predator will make a mistake and VSP will put him away for good! I want VSP to get him, I want them to show us we are safe in Virginia. I cannot do the work they do, I cannot even begin to think the way they do, I do try sometimes I will admit that. I don't want to be a police officer, I just want us all safe. I get so mad sometimes, because I see what people can do different, I have great ideas, but you say them and its like no one does it, or its dismissed. Its like standing in a crowd, and your screaming out, and no one looks, no one sees, no one hears...they just keep walking by as if you aren't even there. Thats how I feel alot of times. About Charlottesville alot. I mean it can make me fighting mad cause I can't believe it takes that much effort to get people to see or listen. So yeah, I do get upset, and I get bent out of shape, even fighting mad, I guess when fighting is the only way you have ever been heard before, its the only way you know to be heard.
I think that people need to wake up and smell the whatever it is...and understand that these evil people, they will hurt you because that is what they live for, hurting people. They grab you, make you helpless, and will kill you. They don't care if you are a good person, or bad one, or whoever, they just don't care. I may not be good with reality all the time, and I get fearless, and I will give my life anyday over a 20 yr olds, cause I'm old now. I lived my life. I'm 39 and I got no problem saving a 20 yr old even if it means mine. I will go up against a murderer, I will step in between I will guard and protect them. But police should understand something too. You cannot be everywhere all the time. Many don't think about that.. I do.
The more I think about these kids being taken and murdered, the more fight I have in me. Come hell or high water even you will not stop me.
To the murderer, if you are to ever so much as get a glimpse of this, steer clear of me, you do not know who I am, or you may, that doesn't matter to me. If you do, tread easy around me, I'm likely watching you as much as you are watching me...if you don't, you don't wanna come after anyone anywhere remotely close to me, I see you and not only will I step in between but I will make you regret the day you ever even thought about harming a girl. ever...because you will have found the girl to be able to do exactly that.. guaranteed.
I don't take mercy on anyone that hurts a person. Your best option...turn yourself in before I get ahold of you. End of story!
I'm tired of these families having to hurt this way, its best one of these bastards don't cross my path. No one deserves being hurt that way, and no girl deserves to taken and murdered. No one!
To the bastard that took and murdered Morgan, while you are running all over and up and down VA, you self righteous piece of shit, you days are numbered, counting down, tick tock, goes the clock and one day, you will mess up and when you do, which couldn't be quick enough to suit me, you will have to face what you did, you will have to pay, you will face justice for what you did. I can't wait for that day, not for me, but for Morgan, her Mom, her Dad, and her Brother, and by God I hope VSP makes one hell of an example out of you!!

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