Saturday, December 29, 2012


Ya know,  I often felt like something is not right. I mean about this whole Morgan thing. I mean I say Morgan thing not in the sense that it is aggravating to me, but more in the sense as though it just can be downright frustrating. Its so many puzzle pieces, a dream here, a dream there of her, is it what my mind wants to tell me? Is it her trying to tell me? Or is it simply just how bad I want to find her killer?
I don't know, I see so much that is coincidences. Just so much.
Wild wings,
train tracks/station
their ages
one female, one percieved to be female
What is it about that area that is just taunting me?
Think, think, think.
I have looked into so much of the railway throughout VA that is easy for me to see someone using the railway system to their advantage in a serial murder sort of way. I mean the security aspect on parts of the system are so much tighter, stricter than other portions of the state. The southwestern primarily lacking.
You have an auto train railroad that just runs right up and down the atlantic seaboard. It not only is very relaxing, convenient, but leaves one plenty of room to meander around VA at their free will, if one was to practically live their life on a travel status. Or rather just preferred too. And from what I am noticing, from local sources pretty much, is that this WW Cafe place, is a very common place for those who utilize the railroad system alot.
Takes me back to something someone "the one that shalt not be mentioned"...said.."playing around on the tracks and slipped and fell..couldn't save her"..."did a summersault, in a tumbling sort of way"..."hit her head".."didn't know what to do with her"..."panicked"...these words often play through my mind, though I totally have a lot of disgrace for who told me that, I still never discount anything, my mind just doesn't let me.
Why? Why does someone say that, it was overheard by railroad crew from another state..primarily an atlantic coast state. hmmm...anyone whom works the railway knows how the rail system works. It is policed, but no so much when it comes to subcontracted companies such as Buckingham Branch. They basically are responsible for their own security as they operate and man freight. Passenger trains such as Cardinal...are the ones with the greater security...its kind of like this, UVA tends to the public, they need UVA police....VRE tends to the public with Railway Police, JPJA is an entertainment "cash cow" so to speak, as is your freight liners, If UVA hires SMG and RMC to manage subcontracted security to tend to the "cash cows", then it means Buckingham Branch is a subcontract to VRE and what little or minute rail security that is needed to move freight from one portion of the state to another is subcontracted as well. So, while there are several different levels of Policing for the railway system in VA, ex..state, local, in house, stations, investigators, intelligence, undercover, k-9 even, the majority of necessary policing for a freight liner out in the boondocks is not as important as say...where your higher populations is. An attack in Fairfax, highly populated, Charlottesville, highly populated, both passenger railway systems, both higher need for Railway police.
Freight only runs certain times, certain days, while Passenger trains all days of the week.
Fairfax and Charlottesville both pivotal points in passenger railway system. Both Fairfax and Charlottesville attacks not far from a train station at all. Practically the same distance, I left this idea alone for a while because when I wiped that fool out of my life, I wiped his idiocy out with it.
Who was this guy from South Carolina because maybe that was something that wasn't exactly an impossible topic to believe. I mean do they have the radio transcript, have they talked to the guys that were discussing this over the radio for the guy to have overheard the conversation. If not, are there a couple of railway workers in our area or had stopped in as the train sat, that was hauling freight or doing work or maintenance that weekend? VSP you have highest authority in this state to enquire, this is not California. After all the QUARRY is right there and as their site states it is still operational.  There is no good reason to believe that it couldn't or wouldn't be at all possible to believe that someone is not stalking the railway system and picking victims from it. That is just my thoughts on the manner regarding the railroad system and how it could have been used. Whether or not it was, guess we will never know as long as they don't press into it further.
I don't know, but if people keep missing around or near the railroads, it just might eventually be worth it to look into, in my opinion one was way too many. JMO.

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