Friday, January 4, 2013

1-4-2013's thoughts.

Today didn't go to bad actually. There isn't alot to report actually.

The only unnerving thing about today was my niece texted me to say there was a bomb threat at her school, its times like that that I am very happy kids have the fortune to have cell phones while at school. I admit I was a bit on the panicked side. I texted her mom at work, I texted our sister, no fears around me, heck no, I albeit was ready to jump into action and go pick her up from school. I mean it was not but 40 degrees out today, forget about the bomb thing, I was truly more afraid the kid was gonna freeze out there. But that's just Aunt Heidi, blankets, hot cocoa, extra jackets, wool socks, long johns, all I needed was the text that said, go get her...and I woulda been out the door. But NOOOO....only text I got back was...they were transferring them to another school, and a little later to say...the school was swept and cleared and they were back...which is good I guess but I didn't get to go save anyone :/, oh well, maybe next time:)

I'm going to go get my hair cut tomorrow, I'm nervous, but the break from dealing with long hair for a while will be nice. Its a good thing hair grows, just incase I don't like you Mom! but just incase. Just sayin.

Other than that, I think that's about it for this day.


Oh yeah, I went by Morgans plaque today, and threw a peace sign up at her. I do that sometimes, since Im over there so much, sometimes its a thumbs up, or blow a kiss, just something, anything to let her know, (just incase she is peeking in)..that she is not and never will be forgotten:)

When I work right there at Lannigan, I often just glare over thinking about what could have happened, what would I have done, alot of thoughts go through, I study, I study hard at the entire environment. Watch who comes and goes, watch ladies and gents jog through, ride bikes, just various things, people walking the tracks, and people getting on the shuttle buses. People working around, certain cars that seem to just love that stretch driving up and down through there like 50 times. And I get amazed, that for as much traffic that goes through there, its nearly impossible to think how not one soul saw her there. From Lannigan, someone had to have. There is only one person that would definitely know...stay tuned:)

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