Friday, January 25, 2013

Cardinal In The Snow

Cardinal In The Snow

Mystery surrounds us,
Excitement draws the night,
Pure adrenaline pushed through veins,
That came with concert lights.

Mad dashes to their seats,
Stage encased the floor,
The lights go out as camera's flash,
With the music came the roar.

Mesmerized by lights,
Desires to draw near,
Evil existed in the night,
The lyrics she couldn't hear.

In her Cardinal house,
Put on a different show,
Evil came and took her,
And placed her in the snow.

In her Cardinal house,
A pain she'd never know,
Came bearing down on all she knew,
As she lay beneath the snow.

Hindered by the noise,
She'd slip into his song,
Rehearsed by him as he watched,
Her incapacity come along.

People danced and sang,
To every song that played,
As evil stalked her every move,
A beast upon its prey.

The Cardinal is our bird,
Our bird, she has a song,
As sure as snow its cold dead self,
We'll right this evils wrong.

In our Cardinal house,
You will hear us sing!
The target is on you now,
Pure hell to you we bring!

In your Cardinal house,
There is a different show,
Justice comes and takes you,
To face that Cardinal snow.

In your Cardinal house,
You become the prey,
Amongst the music in your fate,
Judgement comes your way.

Her song rose from the ground,
It's a song you very well know,
You know because you put her there,
Our Cardinal in the snow.

written by: HNC..1/25/2013

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