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[ri-sip-ruh-keyt] Show IPA verb, re·cip·ro·cat·ed, re·cip·ro·cat·ing.
verb (used with object)
to give, feel, etc., in return.
to give and receive reciprocally; interchange: to reciprocate favors.
to cause to move alternately backward and forward.
verb (used without object)
to make a return, as for something given.
to make interchange.
to be correspondent.
to move alternately backward and forward.
Reciprocateis one of our favorite verbs.
So is skedaddle. Does it mean:
to run away hurriedly; flee.
chat, to converse

1605–15; < Latin reciprocātus past participle of reciprocāre to move back and forth. See reciprocal, -ate1

re·cip·ro·ca·tive, re·cip·ro·ca·to·ry [ri-sip-ruh-kuh-tawr-ee, -tohr-ee] Show IPA, adjective
re·cip·ro·ca·tor, noun
non·re·cip·ro·cat·ing, adjective
un·re·cip·ro·cat·ed, adjective
un·re·cip·ro·cat·ing, adjective

1. return, respond, retaliate.
Example Sentences
  • Establishing strong relationships requires that program staff initiate and reciprocate.
  • Accordingly, it is strongly recommended that if a seller pays for an activity that the buyer reciprocate.
Every now and then I like to bring to light a word that people don't often think about.
This is one that some should learn.
This is a word that my mind doesn't understand when someone doesn't reciprocate things.
Through my illness this word was something pounded into me religiously, because I wouldn't learn to open up and speak. I didn't learn how valuable this word really is until I encounter someone who doesn't know what it means, and so I can't process in my mind how people can be this way.
It can easily stress me out to no end to be expected in my life by my doctors and therapists or reciprocate to others..but then when I expect that of others and it isn't given, I just don't know what to think...I can't process it. I'm frozen because there is no explanation, there is no reason..there is nothing. It is an unacceptable in my head to think something is what it is and there is no reason behind it, when everything has a reason. If I do not reciprocate then my husband worries, friends worry, therapists or counselors worry..everyone in my life worries.
When people don't reciprocate with me, I feel lost, begin to try to rationalize something I can't..but I will never stop trying too. Because...I can't is the same thing as I give up. Ive always been told that.
People say let it me..let it go means give up. That is quitting...I don't and won't quit.
My mind doesn't process the same as others..its like saying..." I care about you but you are getting on my nerves"...this is how my mind works.
If you make a statement like I care about you...then say but you are getting on my nerves, that single word...but...just canceled out the first portion of that sentence. All I am able to process, is the "your getting on my nerves" part..which is a judgement. You have put the feeling before the truth. It is human nature for honesty to come last. Its like something bad get through that bad time then BOOM the truth. OUCH!
You can always tell, who reads just the first part of an email, or the last part of an email, the ones who like you, read the first part...those who tolerate just the last part..those who read the whole damn thing and reciprocate...those are real treasures...they are the ones really listening to you, the ones that really care.
Nah, people don't need to be worried about my illness...worry more about my intelligence..I don't process things too good sometimes..that is true...but I am seriously far from dumb!

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