Tuesday, September 25, 2012


they are evil.

they burn smoke in daylight

they rot because they are melons of the beach

they are not smart
like they think they are

they lie

i don'[t trust them now
they hate me

i see thery ghost and they will go to hell

we feel their vioces and its ice

adn on on fire

they are lies
they are not smart

they decieve and they lie

they don't feel


they don['t protect and she wasgood

Morgan knows someone will join her

adn thy will let her die too
the answers re in the house ofmusic
hewas suppose to protect her and he failed

his help was the camera
that lether out the door

and the killer knew the drill
adn he watches anohter girl right now
they will not protect her'

they will let her die
and i told them so
Itold them all

and thekilled hertoo
he willnot be gotten

because the protecteer is the killer.

I told them so.

ifthe killer is the protefctor
only the killergets protected.
and another one will die

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